Tim Hecker returns to the Unsound stage

Canadian artist Tim Hecker has been added to the lineup! Hecker will perform on June 11.

Feb 17, 2016

The Unsound Toronto news just keeps coming: we're super pumped to announce that Canadian artist Tim Hecker has been added to the lineup! Hecker will perform on June 11.

Photo by Tsuyoshi Suzuki.

As the perfect evolution of 2015's Ephemera Live project, this year Hecker takes to the main stage in the Hearn Generating Station, collaborating once again with Berlin-based lighting maestro Marcel Weber, a.k.a. MFO. On June 11, come prepared for an immersion of sound, color and light that will be an enthralling manifestation of his new album, Love Streams, coming out this spring.
"Now we stream more than we love. The current reality is that music too frequently resembles a product, or white noise. Tim Hecker belongs to a select camp actively resisting this undertow, this reduction in significance. His albums are personal statements and gestures of devotion. They are attempts to elevate – even with the stage poised to collapse."
– Statement from 4AD

Love Streams album cover art.

Listen to Tim Hecker's tracks on Soundcloud:


About Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist, born in Vancouver. Since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for Kranky, Alien8, Mille Plateaux, Room40, Force Inc, Staalplaat, and Fat Cat. His works have been described as “structured ambient”, “tectonic color plates” and “cathedral electronic music”. More to the point, he has focused on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody, fostering an approach to songcraft which is both physical and emotive. His work has also included commissions for contemporary dance, sound-art installations, as well as various writings. He currently resides in Montreal.