Artists in Residence



Luminato’s Artists in Residence (AIR) is a year-round program to support local artists, offering them opportunities to envision their work on an expanded scale, re-charge their imaginations and build stronger networks within the arts community. The program runs three 7-week residencies (Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Winter 2021) with weekly workshops, check-ins and sharing, which support and enhance participants’ work on individual projects. Participants will be involved in other Luminato initiatives throughout the year, and during the festival.

The inaugural cohort is made up of 10 established Black artists from the GTHA, and curated by Creative Producer Dian Marie Bridge. The intention is to bolster support for mid-career/senior artists, while connecting artists working in different mediums. The Fall cohort of AIR will be curated by Denise Bolduc and will focus on Indigenous artists.

Artists in Residence Summer 2020 Cohort

Djennie Laguerre
Djennie LaguerreDjennie Laguerre
Donna-Michelle St BernardDonna-Michelle St. Bernard
Evond BlakeEvond Blake
Nadijah RobinsonNadija Robinson
Natasha Courage Bacchus Natasha 'Courage' Bacchus
Natasha PowellNatasha Powell
Ravyn Ariah WngzRavyn Ariah Wngz
Travis KnightsTravis Knights
Tuku MatthewsTuku Matthews

Djennie Laguerre
Playwright/Storytelling/Actress/Arts Educator/Director

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard (Belladonna the Blest)

Evond Blake (Pseudonym MEDIAH)
Graffiti Artist/Muralist/Mixed Media Printmaking/Digital Artist

Nadijah Robinson
Mixed Media Visual Artist/Muralist/Collage

Natasha ‘Courage’ Bacchus
Elite Athlete/Theatre Artist/Deaf Advocate

Natasha Powell
Artistic Director Holla Jazz/Dancer/Choreographer

Multidisciplinary Artist/Photography/Performance/Sculpture

Ravyn Ariah Wngz
Burlesque Storyteller/Dancer/Abolitionist

Travis Knights
Tap Dancer/Choreographer/Believer

Tuku Matthews
Second Generation Jazz Vocalist/Melodic Adaptation/Sound Design/Composer/
Vocal Mentor/Singer, Performer/Songwriter

Selection Committee

Dr. Seika Boye, Lecturer, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto
Dian Marie Bridge, Creative Producer, Luminato
Rosina Kazi, Curatorial Associate, Luminato; lead singer, LAL
Kevin Ormsby, Artistic Director, KasheDance; Program Manager, Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO)  

For more information about this program please contact:
Dian Marie Bridge, Creative Producer dmbridge@luminato.com