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Skateboarders vs Minimalism

Minimalist Sculpture Meets the Body in Motion

June 14 – 25, 2017

Running continuously at The Drake Hotel from April 18 to July 11
Contemporary video artist Shaun Gladwell is renowned worldwide, having exhibited everywhere from Europe to South America and in his home country, Australia. In his latest video installation, Skateboarders vs Minimalism, the world's best freestyle skateboarder, Rodney Mullen, creatively misuses American minimalist sculptures. All filmed within a museum environment in a video scored by the music of Philip Glass, well-known sculptural forms by Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin and others who helped the spread of Minimal Art in the 1960s and 1970s are launched upon and flipped off by the legendary skateboarder. It's a battle with the canon of American minimalist sculptors, but rest assured no original artworks were harmed in the making of this video installation.
Commissioned by Catriona and Simon Mordant AM.