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Music in the Spirit of Ramadan

Featuring Rumi Canada with Amir Koushkani and the Awaaz Ensemble

June 19 , 2017

8–9 PM



Performances are open to the public and free with advance registration – stay tuned for more info.



Please note that attendees are encouraged to respect the quiet, spiritual nature of the event.

Rumi Canada featuring Amir Koushkani, presenting live music and whirling dervishes, will start the evening off for Iftar Celebration in a meditative manner. In this event, Amir Koushkani (PhD. Music, Persian Tar master) and his friends will present sacred sufi music of dervishes joined by two of Rumi Canada whirling dervishes. Inspired by Mowlana Rumi, other mystics, and teachers, Rumi Canada come together for the purpose of facilitating the experience of Unity and Love through music and art.

Dance is when you tear your heart out & rise out of your body to hang suspended between worlds.&

The Awaaz Ensemble, founded by composer, vocalist and choral facilitator, Hussein Janmohamed, brings together outstanding Canadian vocalists of diverse cultural, musical and faith backgrounds with the belief that choral music, developed through creative collaboration and dialogue, has a unique power to transcend barriers and manifest the depths of the human spirit. The ensemble conveys to audiences familiar yet innovative choral sounds, whether individually or collaboratively written, improvised, invented or passed on. Singers weave their unique vocal colours, sounds, tones and methods into soundscapes inspired by traditional and contemporary approaches to choral music.

Curated by Amirali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts, in partnership with the Aga Khan Museum