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Discussion: Independence?

What is the role of the independent artist in today’s cultural landscape?

June 24 , 2017

4:30–5:30 PM



No reservation required. Admission subject to venue capacity.

Independent artists, unencumbered by institutional structures, play a vital role in the arts ecology. They are the research and development wing of the sector; they push boundaries, develop new techniques and speak hard truths; without them we don’t move forward, we don’t evolve or stay relevant.

There is a vitality in the independent sector that is fueled by creative drive and a determined focus to succeed, to get the work done, to be bold. Independence allows artists more freedom to challenge, to disrupt or to provoke, but does it make risk easier? Can the fact that independent artists usually work project-to-project without institutional support and thus no safety net be reconciled with the “the right to fail", a concept essential in a risk-taking arts environment as valued by a healthy society?

Without a vibrant independent sector, the future health of the arts across all its layers would be in jeopardy, so what can we do to support this work? How can we ensure that independent artists thrive and still have the capacity to fully explore their ideas?

Please join us for a conversation to explore these questions and more and for the announcement of The 2018 Residents Project, a partnership initiative between Luminato and The Theatre Centre.


Sarah Garton Stanley, Associate Artistic Director, English Theatre, National Arts Centre
Franco Boni, Artistic Director, The Theatre Centre
Ravi Jain, Artistic Director, Why Not Theatre
Moderated by Naomi Campbell, Associate Artistic Director, Luminato


The Residents Project is supported by The Renette and David Berman Family Foundation