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New Canadian Music Stage

Live music under a starry sky

June 10 – 26, 2016

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Slaight Music


Mill St. Brewery

Enjoy a daily showcase of the brightest Canadian talent at the New Canadian Music Stage, supported by Slaight Music, and presented live at the Biergarten. Come down to the Hearn, grab a drink and a bite to eat, and get to know Canada’s next generation of up-and-coming talent.

Co-curated by Slaight Music and Luminato Festival’s music programmer Derek Andrews

Participating Artists

June 10 // 8:30 PM - Jessica Mitchell
June 10 // 8:30 PM Jessica Mitchell
Jessica Mitchell
FRIDAY, JUNE 10 // 8:30 PM

Country-singer/songwriter Jessica Mitchell is, at heart, a storyteller – an open book.  Based in Toronto, she has spent the last decade digging deeper into her artistry, focusing on writing new music and crafting her richly unique sound, which has led her to become country music’s best kept secret. When listening to Mitchell’s music, she makes it very easy for you to latch onto her inviting melodies and the genuine, soulful nature of her words. The rich tone and hopefulness in her voice grabs you and pulls you in – and once the song is over, you can’t help but feel as though you have personally connected with her on a deeper level.
June 10 // 8:30 PM - Jessica Mitchell
June 11 // 8:30 PM - Turkwaz
June 11 // 8:30 PM Turkwaz
SATURDAY, JUNE 11 // 8:30 PM

Turkwaz is a unique combination of four musicians immersed in diverse traditions from mysterious Sufi devotional love songs, to rousing Thracian dance music to the powerful and harmonically dense tunes of Balkan towns and villages. Each performer brings a special flavour to the group. Maryem Hassan Tollar draws on her Arabic language heritage, Jayne Brown and Sophia Grigoriadis bring in Greek and Brenna MacCrimmon adds Turkish. They have a long-standing collective interest in Balkan traditions and add Albanian, Bulgarian and Macedonian and whatever else strikes their fancy to their repertoire. The love and respect they have for the traditions they draw from are clear but they are not afraid to arrange the tunes in new and unexpected ways to give them a fresh spin. Vocals are the main feature of the ensemble and various regional instruments are judiciously integrated to punctuate and support their harmonies.
June 11 // 8:30 PM - Turkwaz
June 14 // 7 PM - Sina Bathaie
June 14 // 7 PM Sina Bathaie
Sina Bathaie

Sina Bathaie, a composer and santur player based in Toronto, is known for his unique style and approach toward Persian contemporary music. His hypnotic music made his work distinguishable for fans around the world. Sina entered the world music scenes soon after moving to Canada, and got recognition by being featured at Mundial Montreal festival, CBC radio Metro Morning and in Festival performances such as Open Mind Festival, Quiet Strings, South Asia Calling, Agha khan Museum and etc. Sina also developed his own style of music through years of experimental collaboration and attending artist residencies such as the “Banff Centre for Performing Art” and achieved a unique sound in world fusion music which has received many positive reviews. Sina has been also active in movie industry and composed original music for the movies such as “The horse Latitudes” and “Un royaume déménage”.
June 14 // 7 PM - Sina Bathaie
June 15 // 7 PM - Liam Titcomb
June 15 // 7 PM Liam Titcomb
Liam Titcomb

Singer/songwriter Liam Titcomb grew up backstage. He signed to Sony Music Canada when he was 15. Now 28, Liam is a seasoned and respected musician and writer. In 2003, he contributed the song "War" to the benefit album Peace Songs (along with Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney and more) in support of War Child’s humanitarian programs. In 2004, Liam released his debut album on Columbia Records with Grammy Award-winning producer Bill Bottrell (Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynne). In 2006, Liam Titcomb was nominated at the Canadian Radio Music Awards for Best New Group or Solo Artist (Hot AC). In 2007, his sophomore album “Can’t Let Go” was recorded in Nashville with another Grammy Award-winner, Jay Joyce (Patty Griffin, Emmy Lou Harris, Wallflowers). For his third album, Liam returned to capable producer Jay Joyce (Patti Griffin, Emmy Lou Harris, Wallflowers). “CICADA” was born. In 2013 he had the huge honor of playing for and singing with Joni Mitchell for her Birthday Tribute at Massey Hall alongside greats like Herbie Hancock, Rufus Wainright, Kathleen Edwards and more.

June 15 // 7 PM - Liam Titcomb
June 16 // 7 PM - Emma-Lee
June 16 // 7 PM Emma-Lee

Toronto-born singer & songwriter Emma-Lee is enjoying her first taste of radio success with her latest single “Worst Enemy” currently climbing the national Hot AC/AC charts. She sets out to introduce the listener to the girl from the 90s who wore out TLC’s “CrazySexyCool” album and loaded her Discman with Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Lauryn Hill; to the girl who didn’t care who heard her belting out the hits at the top of her lungs. Named “Best Female Vocalist” in NOW Magazine’s Best of Toronto reader’s poll for two years in a row, Emma-Lee sings with a vulnerable nuance and power – an utterly modern, delightful addition to 2016’s pop charts.

June 16 // 7 PM - Emma-Lee
June 17 // 7 PM - T. Nile
June 17 // 7 PM T. Nile
T. Nile

Quite a ways from her early days in a Galiano Island cabin on the wild coast of British Columbia, Canada, T. Nile has blurred musical boundaries, fusing the traditionally conflicting styles of Electro-pop and folk-roots. “Working with both acoustic and electronic instruments gives me a sense of unlimited musical possibility” she says, comparing the capabilities to a field of wildflowers versus a vase of flowers. On her new release Tingle & Spark, it’s a sentiment you’ll hear come alive in vibrant, twirling chords throughout the album. T. Nile has toured North America and Europe, won awards, including “Best New/Emerging Artist” at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, played major festivals, released two albums, two EPs and in 2016 she will spend a good part of the year on the road in Europe, the USA and Canada.

June 17 // 7 PM - T. Nile
June 18 // 7:30 PM - DIA
June 18 // 7:30 PM DIA
SATURDAY, JUNE 18 // 7:30 PM

Dia: The Voice of Multicultural Toronto

The first thing you notice when you hear Dia is her voice. It’s one of those voices – clear, strong, resonant, able to leap tall scales in a single bound. The second thing you notice is her artistic voice – one that embraces so many of the diverse cultures that her hometown of Toronto has to offer. Dia sings in no less than 28 languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Farsi, Portuguese, Arabic, and Balkan dialects. No wonder she sang at the closing ceremonies of the Toronto 2015 ParaPanAm Games at Nathan Philips Square in front of City Hall.

Dia's sing-song self titled EP coming in Spring 2016 bends the flavour of her international influences – Indian, Arabic, Roma, and Latin – into pop and rock shapes. The recording highlights Dia’s incredible voice – both physical and artistic. She really is the voice of multiculturalism in Toronto.

June 18 // 7:30 PM - DIA
June 19 // 7:30 PM - Maneli Jamal
June 19 // 7:30 PM Maneli Jamal
Maneli Jamal
SUNDAY, JUNE 19 // 7:30 PM

Acoustic guitarist Maneli Jamal has lived in five different countries (Iran, Belarus, Germany, USA, Canada) and moved twenty times by the time he was 18. The young artist gained a sense of musical maturity rarely seen among his peers especially when he transforms his nomadic life experiences into musical movements using extended guitar techniques. There aren't many players in his style that have Jamal's balance of power and sensitivity, nor his breadth of ideas. His rhythmic concepts can be alternately short and dense, or explored carefully through several movements and real life stories. The world is his home and he plays from one end to the other.
June 19 // 7:30 PM - Maneli Jamal
June 21 // 7 PM - Logan Staats
June 21 // 7 PM Logan Staats
Logan Staats

The Mohawk singer/songwriter was born on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and raised in the nearby ghost town of Brantford, Ontario. He began to write and performed for the first time as an awkward but earnest 16 year old. With his guitar and harmonica in hand, Staats quickly became well known at local bars, and more and more live shows across the United States and Canada. His lyrics are soulful and poetic and often share personal experiences, “It’s just my life. I think everyone’s been in that spot, that love lost desperation spot in life and I feel I’ve been there more than the average person.” Staats has an aura of inevitability, capturing audiences with his mellow yet soaring tunes bringing listeners on a sensory journey.
June 21 // 7 PM - Logan Staats
June 22 // 7 PM - Suzie Vinnick
June 22 // 7 PM Suzie Vinnick
Suzie Vinnick

A Saskatoon native transplanted to the Niagara Region of Ontario, Suzie Vinnick is the proud owner of a gorgeous voice, prodigious guitar and bass chops, and an engagingly candid performance style. Her career has seen triumph after triumph. Among her most recent successes: achieving finalist status in the Solo/Duo Category at the 2013 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN; winning 2 X 2012 Maple Blues Awards for Best Acoustic Act and Female Vocalist, being named 2012 Sirius XM Canada Blues Artist of the Year. Suzie has toured nationally with Stuart McLean’s The Vinyl Café and the John McDermott Band, and performed for Canadian Peacekeepers in Bosnia and the Persian Gulf. She was also the voice of Tim Horton’s for 5 years. How cool is that? Suzie’s latest full-length release is a solo acoustic blues album entitled Me ‘n’ Mabel, and in May of 2012, she released Live At Bluesville, which includes 8 blues, roots and gospel songs. Tune your ears to one of Canada’s music greats, with “…a voice of spun gold and honey” (Access Magazine)

June 22 // 7 PM - Suzie Vinnick
June 23 // 7 PM - Ascot Royals
June 23 // 7 PM Ascot Royals
Ascot Royals

Follow what you love and do it for the rest of your life… do what you love each day as if it’s your last.
When Ascot Royals singer Jimmy Chauveau and his brother and bandmate Ben talk about those words from their dying aunt, it’s clear they’ve decided she’s given them a credo to live by. Why is it that when we stare death in the eye, it reminds us to live life to the fullest? Sam echoes that sense of passion that the Ascot Royals have always had. "Creating and sharing music with the message of living life to the fullest is very important to me. I live for the moment, for the night, and I love being free spirited." The music reflects the awareness of living in those moments, but also a sense of forging ahead and looking to the future. The Ascot Royals put into songs the notion that with everyday life comes everyday struggle, and rising to that occasion may be the essence of life itself.
June 23 // 7 PM - Ascot Royals
June 24 // 7 PM - Mélanie Brulée
June 24 // 7 PM Mélanie Brulée
Mélanie Brulée

Mélanie Brulée is known for her charismatic live performances, a bilingual mix of folk-rock, country and pop. Originally from Cornwall, Ontario, Mélanie’s latest offering is a Francophone album: Débridée. Mélanie is an ambassador for mental health, she runs workshops for young people on self-confidence through music and was the recipient of the 2015 Stingray Music Rising Star Award. // Reconnue pour son dynamisme, son énergie contagieuse et son talent de mélodiste hors-pair, Mélanie Brulée offre avec Débridée un son rempli d’atmosphères où le rock côtoie le folk en parfaite symbiose. Originaire de Cornwall en Ontario et fière ambassadrice pour l’éducation et la santé mentale, Mélanie offre des ateliers pour les jeunes au sujet de la confiance en soi. Elle est également la récipiendaire du prix Stingray Étoile Montante 2015.
June 24 // 7 PM - Mélanie Brulée
June 25 // 7:30 PM - Tomi Swick
June 25 // 7:30 PM Tomi Swick
Tomi Swick
SATURDAY, JUNE 25 // 7:30 PM

Singer-songwriter Tomi Swick is a Hamilton native who was recognized for his debut album "Stalled out in the Doorway" in 2007 by winning the JUNO for Best New Artist and a nomination for Pop Record of the Year as well as 2 Canadian Radio Music Awards, the SOCAN A/C songwriting award and multiple Hamilton music awards. A Warner/Chapell Publishing recording artist, Tomi spent four months in London England where he recorded his second album with top British producer Chris Potter of Verve / Richard Ashcroft acclaim as well as many others. His self-titled record “Tomi Swick” was released on Warner Music Canada in 2012. Tomi has written, toured and played with many great bands and artists such as Julian Lennon, The Barenaked Ladies, The Goo Goo Dolls, Stabilo, Collective Soul, Tom Cochrane, Tom Wilson, Sam Roberts, Big Wreck, Feist, Jeremy Fisher, Blue Rodeo, Ron Sexsmith, and more. A new record in collaboration with Slaight Music is scheduled for release in 2015.

June 25 // 7:30 PM - Tomi Swick
June 26 // 7:30 PM - Zuze
June 26 // 7:30 PM Zuze
SUNDAY, JUNE 26 // 7:30 PM

Zuze is an 8-pc brass ensemble playing folk melodies of Iran to afro-beat rhythms. Zuze is about the heart and the hips. Zuze is the sound of sunglasses being worn. Artistically motivated by the narrative of bi-culturism, Zuze is neither here nor there. Zuze is the experience of betweenness. Zuze is the shrinking distance connecting two worlds. Zuze is a trumpet howling a high C. Zuze is not a band, Zuze is not an audience. Zuze the liminal space between the song and the dance. Zuze invites you to immediacy. Zuze loves you!
June 26 // 7:30 PM - Zuze