Le Pavillon

Unique dining experience in the Control Room

June 10 – 26, 2016

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Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 5 PM to 11 PM
Weekends: 1 PM to 11 PM


With a musical playlist curated by Rufus and Martha Wainwright – their take on classic French tradition

Frédéric Morin (Joe Beef) and John Bil (Honest Weight) are transforming the original Control Room on the upper level of the Hearn Generating Station into a dining experience for the duration of this year's Festival. The concept has been rolling around in their heads for years, hatched over walnuts cut by a bandsaw and too much cheese, over cigars and Poire. It's a 15-day affair, outside of the "marriages" of their restaurants. It will be the type of classic restaurant that you cannot find anymore: all things French and past. It will be a haven amongst the excitement of the Hearn. There will be food, chosen wine, odd spirits and all sorts of treats, but it is the ambiance that will resonate. Think of The Copain dining scene in The French Connection...

Conflicted traditionalist at heart, it was hard to think of anything else than the classic French restaurants that settled in every metropolis in the last century. With fresh flowers, linens, spirits and fares straight from the dog eared pages of our Escofier or the stretched vhs of Julia Child. The space in the Control Room, not without reminding us of Homer Simpson’s workplace would seem a better fit on a Kraftwerk album cover than as the home of this fleeting "grand restaurant", but that’s the fun! 


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  • Advance bookings are sold out.
  • Due to the overwhelming success of Le Pavillon, the restaurant is unable to accommodate any additional walk ups. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Each table seats up to six and is communal. Please note you may be seated with other guests.
  • The standard duration of each seating is 2.5 hours, though it can be expedited to 1.5 hours if you need to get to a show.
  • If you have special dietary requirements, please email tickets@luminato.com in advance of your reservation date.

History of Le Pavillon

At the 1939 World’s Fair, France set up a “Pavillon” to highlight the best of French cooking. Henri Soulé and Jacques Pepin were two of the key chefs. The Fair was a success, but concluded in the midst of the Second World War. Not wanting to go back to Europe, the chefs took a bus to Niagara Falls, and crossed into Canada. They walked back into the US, and asked for asylum. They received it, and proceeded to set up a restaurant in NYC. They named it Le Pavillon, and it became a legend, not just for its clientele, but for the chefs and restaurants left in its wake.

With this small effort, we pay tribute to Henri Soulé and Le Pavillon.

Frederic Morin (Joe Beef, Liverpool House, Vin Papillon)
John Bil (Honest Weight)

Le Pavillon