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Circa 1948

The National Film Board of Canada and TIFF

June 10 – 26, 2016

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Turbine Hall at the Hearn

Enter the shadows of post-war Vancouver through this immersive, interactive, full-bodied experience co-created by internationally renowned artist Stan Douglas and the award-winning NFB Digital Studio. Discover two vibrant communities struggling through a time of unforgiving change. Though firmly rooted in the past, Circa 1948 ties economic recession to police corruption and the black-market economy, and looks at how the social dynamics of poverty and wealth influence urban planning — relevant considerations in any age.

Circa 1948 is an interactive projection-mapped installation that allows you to enter the shadowy world of post-war Vancouver. Your body becomes the interface that interacts with the world, which then responds to you in real-time. Encounter conversations with the ghosts of noir-ish Vancouver, a rain-soaked city caught between the ruins of an old order and the shape of things to come. History will not be silent.

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Arts Partners at the Hearn: Sharing the Space

After 10 years of partnering with arts organizations, venues and cultural groups across the city, Luminato Festival will manage and run its own unique venue. The Festival is curating a series of performance events and artistic activations with arts partners from across the city, celebrating Luminato’s long history of working with arts organizations and cultural partners in Toronto in a new way: by sharing at the lowest possible cost the infrastructure and space we’re building.

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.