Past Festivals


Artistic Director: Jorn Weisbrodt
Interim CEO: Lucille Joseph

Art takes over life. Art suggests a new vision for life. We brought Toronto to life with intimate confessions by some of the greatest artists of our time, with an empire of 1,000 performers creating an empire of sound and movement, with a lush garden in downtown Toronto for all of you to enjoy, with new, throbbing music energy at the Hearn Generating Station, with laser writing on the cityscapes, with a live streamed feature film shot in Toronto's streets ... but mainly with you! This is what Luminato Festival is all about: creating adventurous art and ideas in adventurous places; bringing people together, making the moment special and taking the "everyday" out of everyday life.

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El pasado es un animal grotesco (The Past is a Grotesque Animal)
THEATRE | June 19–21, 2015
Directed by Mariano Pensotti, Ontario premiere

Unsound Toronto
MUSIC | June 19–20, 2015
Curated by Mat Schulz and Malgorzata Plysa, Canadian premiere
Lustmord, Stars Of The Lid feat. Kensington Ensemble, Robert Henke presents: "Lumiere II", Tim Hecker, MFO & Geza Schoen present: "Ephemera", We Will Fail, Morton Subotnick & Lillevan present: "Silver Apples of the Moon", Atom TM & Robin Fox present: "Double Vision", Ben Frost & MFO feat. Shahzad Ismaily, Emptyset, BNNT, RSS B0YS, Lena Willikens, Helena Hauff, Christina Sealey (Orphx)

7 Monologues: The Night Dances
MUSIC + PERFORMANCE | June 20–21, 2015
Charlotte Rampling and Sonia Wieder-Atherton 

7 Monologues: Who Killed Spalding Gray?
THEATRE | June 20–21, 2015
Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks

7 Monologues: SPAM
THEATRE | June 20–21, 2015
Rafael Spregelburd

7 Monologues: The Referendum
THEATRE | June 20–21, 2015
Antonio Skármeta

7 Monologues: Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home
MUSIC + THEATRE | June 20–21, 2015
Christine Fellows and Shary Boyle

7 Monologues: Dolor Exquisito
THEATRE | June 20–21, 2015
Maricel Álvarez and Emilio García Wehbi

7 Monologues: Between Contentions and How to Overcome the Great Tiredness?
DANCE | June 20–21, 2015
Eduardo Fukushima

Malpaso Dance Company
DANCE | June 24–26, 2015
Canadian Premiere

My One Demand
FILM | June 25–27, 2015
World Premiere; Blast Theory, Faisal Butt, Sascha Cole, Clare Coulter, Gia Nahmens, Julian Richings, Brielle Robillard, Max Sebastián, Craig Thomas, Maggie Huculak

Late Night with the TSO
MUSIC | June 26, 2015

TSO Free Outdoor Concert: A Symphonic Zoo
MUSIC | June 28, 2016

An Imaginary Rose Garden
HUB | June 19–28, 2015

Canadian Citizenship Ceremony
COMMUNITY | June 24, 2015

Jason Collett's Basement Revue
MUSIC | June 19–28, 2015
Curated by Jason Collett and Damian Rogers

New Canadian Music Series
MUSIC | June 19–28, 2015
Kinnie Starr, Steph Cameron, Cris Derksen, Binaeshee-Quae, Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils, Café Con Pan, Eliana Cuevas, Roberto Riveron Group, Falana, Wolf Saga, Arsenals, Ascot Royals, Selena Evangeline, Jessica Mitchell, Aline Morales, Flavia Nascimento, Emily Reid, Tomi Swick

Festival Cabaret Series: Kid Koala's Satellite Concert
MUSIC | June 19 + 20, 2015
Kid Koala

Festival Cabaret Series: Bridget Everett
MUSIC | June 22, 2015
Bridget Everett

Festival Cabaret Series: Joey Arias—A Centennial Tribute to Billie Holiday
MUSIC | June 25, 2015
Joey Arias

Festival Cabaret Series: Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The 20th Century Abridged
MUSIC | June 26 + 27, 2015
Taylor Mac

Orchestra Karaoke
MUSIC | June 19, 2015
Canadian Premiere; Jan Dvorak and Matthias von Hartz, Jan Wulf, Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, Roman Vinuesa, Peter Häublein, Lukas Lanzendörfer

Songs of Resistance
MUSIC | June 20, 2015
Ani Cordero, La Yegros

Music of Mexico
MUSIC | June 22, 2015
Quique Escamilla, Los de Abajo

Cuban Fusion
MUSIC | June 23, 2015
Jane Bunnett & Maqueque, Arturo O'Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble

A Salute to St. Jean Baptiste
MUSIC | June 24, 2015
Socalled, Orkestar Kriminal

Caribbean Calypso
MUSIC | June 25, 2015
Kobo Town, Aurelio Martinez

Ecuador Meets East LA
MUSIC | June 26, 2016
Eljuri, Las Cafeteras

Brazilian Block Party
HUB | June 27, 2015
Flávia Nascimento, Mundo Livre S/A, Aline Morales & Forro Nite, Tio Chorinho, Tdot Batu, Roda de Samba, General Eclectic


VISUAL ART | June 19–28, 2015
Regina Silveira

Look in my face; my name is Might-have-been; I am also called No-more, Too-late, Farewell.
VISUAL ART | June 19–28, 2015
Geoffrey Farmer

Postcards to Toronto
VISUAL ART | June 19–28, 2015
Donna Conlon, Joaquin Rodriguez del Paso, Yucef Merhi, Los Carpinteros, David Perez, Omar Gamez, Ariana Page Russell, Cecilia Paredes, Eugenia Vargas, Nicolas Robbio, Carla Zacagnini, Richard Moszka, Adrian Balseca, Maurizio Esquivel, Daniel Salamanca, Manolo Lugo, Rodrigo Dada, Francisco Fernando Granados, Lester Rodriguez, Lazaro Saavedra, Paulette Phillips, Rodolfo Peraza; Curated by Magda Gonzalez-Mora

Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor
PERFORMANCE | June 19 + 21 + 28, 2015
Eric Moschopedis, Mia Rushton

The Copycat Academy
PERFORMANCE | June 21–28, 2015
Hanna Hurtzig; Meg Stuart, Jochen Roller, Marcus Boon, Kent Monkman, Pedro Neves Marques, Dr. Bojana Cvejić, Gisèle Gordon, Archer Pechawis, Jacob Wren, Jonathan Beller, Amy Taubin, Dr. Pedro de Niemeyer Cesarino, Dr. Mojgan Hodaie

TimesTalks Luminato: Nelly Furtado
TALKS | June 21, 2015
Nelly Furtado, Ben Sisario

TimesTalks Luminato: St. Vincent
TALKS | June 21, 2015
St. Vincent, Jon Pareles

TimesTalks Luminato: Charlotte Rampling
TALKS | June 21, 2015
Nelly Furtado, Richard Ouzounian

Copycat Talks
TALKS | June 22 + 26, 2016
Dr. Pedro de Niemeyer Cesarino, Jonathan Beller

The North-South Project
LITERARY | June 20, 2015
Ins Choi, Lisa Codrington, Beatriz Pizano, Carmen Aguirre, Joseph Boyden, Ins Choi, Edwidge Danticat, Alain Farah, Nalo Hopkinson, Mariano Pensotti, Beatriz Pizano, Richard Rodriguez, Leanne Simpson, Antonio Skármeta, Laakkuluk Williamson, Amai Kuda n’ Y Josephine, Drew Gonsalves, Quique Escamilla, Steph Cameron, Kinnie Starr

A Celebration of Indigenous Pan American Food
FOOD | June 21, 2015
Mary Luz Mejia, Jose Hadad, Claudia Gaviria-Abt, Paola Solarzano, Ivana Tarazona, Natalia Martinez, Carlos Fuenmayor, Felipe Faccioli, Michael Sacco, Tom Filippou, Kai Zyganiuk
| June 21, 2015
Leela Gilday, Martha Redbone Roots Project

We Are What We Eat: Oxford Union-style Food Debate
FOOD | June 21, 2015
Jon Kay, John Bil, Alissa Hamilton, Joshna Maharaj; moderated by Mary Luz Mejia

Luminato Literary Talks: The Mexican Drug War in Film, Fact + Fiction
TALKS | June 23, 2015
Louie Palu, Alfredo Corchado, Angela Kocherga, John Vaillant; moderated by Noah Richler

Luminato Literary Talks: Music in Words
TALKS | June 24, 2015
Lynn Crosbie, Alan Doyle, Eric Siblin, David Usher; moderated by Denise Donlon